The comic

The Mother’s gift of the threads connects to everything.

A deal was struck for two worlds by The First and civilization as they know it hinges on maintaining a cosmic judgment bridge between them. Failure to maintain the bridge means being consumed it. Once The First passed the Rift War broke out forcing the bridge closed, resigning to their fates. It’s up to Dar and friends to mend it, but can he overcome his personal demons to do so? Find out how it unravels!

Threader is essentially about exploring themes of self-acceptance, anxiety, forgiveness, and finding ways to heal. It’s also a melting pot of cultures, history, LGBTQIA+ characters, and mythology.

TL;DR:  Threader is about the physical manifestation of relationships in the form of a bridge between two worlds and the threads that hold everything together.


Rating: Ages 14+ for violence, mild language, and suggestive themes

Genre: Fantasy/Action-Adventure (and some romance!)


Threader is a passion project that started during Inktober 2015 when I revived a handful of original characters. Disappointed that I never did anything with them and never followed through with a webcomic, I decided to change that and this is it!


The creator

Liz Kramer

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A 20-something artist living in the middle of nowhere with an illustration degree and a focus on visual communication design. Currently the embodiment of an owl fueled by tea and sheer will.