Oh hey, a new page!

It’s been far too long since I’ve posted an update. I’ve missed working on Threader so much! Life has been hectic, but in a good way as compared to last year, which I feel I owe an explanation for…

This time last year, I was NOT doing well. I was overworked, overstressed, and neglected things my body was telling me and ignored it because I was over-committed to my work. That was a dire mistake. Something happened, I’m not sure what, but I felt like I got hit by a truck and I could barely function outside of basic needs, it was scary and I had to take an unexpected extended break from my comic to watch out for myself.

Good news is I’m doing better! Almost immediately after getting day hours and better work at my job this summer, my symptoms nearly dropped off completely. I’m also sleeping more, eating better, and making an effort to be active since I sit all day at work and at home.

Threader has been in hibernation, not hiatus, hiatus is a gross word meaning this is dead, which it is not. I think about my babs on a daily basis, it is very much alive and I fully intend to pick this up again. During my extended break, I received some great advice from the good people who create the webcomic Midwinter (which you should read!) for my Prologue and a Prologue extension. I’m EXCITED about this new revision, it sets up the story and characters better and it has action!

I’m regularly creating again from mini-comics and zines to a gig as a colorist for a comic coming out next year! I can’t yell about it yet, but I’m hoping this will help me streamline my coloring process. I’ve been learning Sketchup and taking advantage of Clip Studio’s assets to make drawing faster because I need to desperately cut down my time spent per page. When Threader goes up again, I want to follow through and not stop like last time, that means cutting some corners. Since time is an issue, I’ve been seriously considering pitching Threader to publishers which would allow me to work full-time on this. For now, I will be working on it in my free time.

TL:DR; I was sick, but I’m doing better. Threader will be resuming next year, a soft reboot is in the works, not sure when it’ll be ready since I’ve got a gig as a colorist, but you can follow me on twitter for updates!