I hope everyone has been having a relaxing holiday! I am trying to, but’s it’s been a rough last couple weeks after hitting some ice and totaling my car on top of getting a “new” one before I traveled to see my fam. My back is still hella sore, I need to see my chiropractor, but I’m feeling better now that I have a break from work and wheels under my feet again.

Here’s a throwback actually! It’s ideally what I want Ezra’s and Dar’s relationship to be, quiet and domestic amid the adventures and chaos they went through together to get there. <3

There are going to be big changes next year. My biggest change is going to be getting yet another new job and moving either south near my dad or west near my brother, just somewhere there isn’t ice and snow for half the year because I’m tired of living in it after 15+years and losing 2 cars to ice. After I’m done with my colorist gig I hope to resume Threader in 2019, I’ve been stewing about it for so long. Follow me on twitter for updates!