Dar Aster

Dar Aster

Age: 25

Sign: Cancer

Dar is a halfie born of Cordelia, his Versian mother, and Victor, his human father. He is of a cautious and shy nature. Despite his anxiety, his competitiveness pushed him to excel at performative and combat threading at the international level. Up until recently, he had been living in the quiet countryside of Avalon Falls before his life took a turn for the worse.


Ezra Vander

Ezra Vander

Age: 30

Sign: Leo

Ezra takes pride in his work serving as a military doctor and bioengineer and even volunteers as an enforcer and doctor at a homeless clinic during his weekends. He was born into a wealthy influential family with a long lineage in the federal government. He has a strong sense of right and is driven to prove his worthiness due to being considered a black sheep in his family. He has taken a special interest in Dar and seeks to help him.


Matilda “Mattie” Silverman

Mattie Silverman

Age: 26

Sign: Virgo

Mattie is a skilled magic threader whose specialty is infusing armaments with charms and manipulating masses of crystals into golems. Dar has been her best friend since childhood. They were inseparable until Mattie moved to the city to pursue her dream as a smithy. The craft of her work has earned her recognition from the Director-General and she plays an integral part in preparing The Festival of the First. Preferred pronouns are she/they.

… more to come as they are revealed!

The First