Hey all, long time no see!

I’ve been VERY busy this year from tabling at C2E2 for the first time to wrapping my colorist gig on Going to the Chapel, coming out this September. It’s been a mad dash since the start of the year, only now am I finally catching a break. I learned so much about my coloring process and cut down my time significantly, which gives me hope when I return to Threader. So more about that…

Threader is undergoing a reboot! I realized I’m a planner and I need nearly THE ENTIRE script done before I start posting pages again. I recently acquired Scrivener to help me organize my chaotic mess and WOW, things are looking solid. Pieces are fitting together like they never had before. It’s streamlining my process in a way I never could do with Word. Writing doesn’t come easy to me and this is a blessing.

I’m so excited for this to come back to life now that I know how I work best. As always follow me on twitter for updates and general comic ramblings!