When does this comic update?

The comic will resume in 2020. Updates Wednesdays, twice a month.

The main reason for every other week is to build buffer and polish up my script since this is very much a work in progress. Also I’m slow. ;_; Pages on average take anywhere between 8-20 hrs a pop since I don’t want to skip learning things I struggle with. It’s also for me to find a work/life balance so I’m not overwhelmed with the pressure to put out a page on top of my other responsibilities.


What do you use to make Threader?

All my drawing and inking is done in Clip Studio Paint. I’m currently using the Messy Inker from badbrushblog’s Natural Media Inkers. I love it, I don’t ever have to fight it unlike the other 95% of inking brushes I’ve tried. I color in Photoshop with various brushes from Kyle T Webster’s Megapack. I letter with Adobe Illustrator.


Is it okay to make fanart?

Yes, of course, I’d love to see it! Please message, email, or tag me in it @lizkreates on twitter or tumblr! Please keep it SFW, I’m all for the sappiness and cute PDA or generally bad-assery. As for anything NSFW, ask for my permission first. Not saying it’s out of the realm of possibilities, but as a mainly SFW artist, I’d rather keep it that way for now. During chapter breaks, I’ll post any lovely fanart you’ve done and it’ll go in the gallery page (to be made when there’s enough!). <3


Do you plan to release a printed version?

I’m currently working on pages with the intent to print. I’d love more than anything to hold this in my hands, but I have to be okay with this only being a digital comic. Whole chapter PDFs with exclusive content (commentary, unposted drawings, etc) will be available upon chapter completion.


Why is x character named after x?

I usually choose thoughtful names for my characters, some carry significant meaning, others not so much. I’m very loosely using concepts from the meaning/origin of their names, particularly for The First, but please keep in mind this is fiction. Threader is largely a blend of different cultures, history, religion, and mythology with a healthy dose of fantasy.

If something offends you, I’m open to constructive criticism, since I’m only scratching the surface of certain concepts. Who knows, maybe it’ll add to the plot (as I’m still writing).